My iPhone Won’t Turn On – Here’s What You Should Do

Let’s say you wake up one morning, and you realize your iPhone won’t turn on at all. Or maybe you drop it, and it looks fine but stays off. There are certainly all kinds of situations where people have been in with their iPhones, and those situations can be a little disheartening. You paid a lot of money for your iPhone, and you need it for all kinds of communication and entertainment. If you find yourself saying ‘My iPhone won’t turn on,’ what do you do?

If you have access to another phone, you can certainly call Apple or your service provider to talk about your options. That might be the quickest way, and you can also search troubleshooting steps to help you get your phone working again. There are all kinds of threads, and you might find some very good information left by people who have experienced the same problem as you.

A few years back, it was very popular to go directly to the Apple store. Let’s just say that it is still a popular and good idea, but people often also deal more directly with their service providers. Techs at the Apple stores can be very helpful though. You just want to be sure that an Apple store is located near you, and you need the time to be able to go.

Have you been to an Apple store before? If you have, then you know where they are located. I have been to two Apple stores before, several times, and they are both located in malls. I live in South Carolina now, and my visits to the Apple store were when I lived in Texas. It was common for me to hop over to San Antonio about 30 miles away and frequent the Apple stores are La Cantera and North Star Malls.

I was thinking about if I had purchased an expensive iPhone X, the latest so far, it would make me want to visit an Apple store if my phone wouldn’t turn on. However, maybe you could simply get yours turned back on by calling your service provider or looking up troubleshooting steps. I would certainly try those first, no matter what. But I was so used to going to the Apple store and know how things work there and what to expect, so I would be really comfortable with driving ways and dealing with the company directly.

It made me think about where an Apple store might be in South Carolina close to where I live, Myrtle Beach. I haven’t had a reason to visit one there, but again, I would be comfortable doing so if I were to look up where one is located. It’s your best bet when it comes to all things iPhones to visit the store that knows all about them. Of course, on top of talking to your service provider on the phone, you can also talk to Apple as well.

Why not call the store to see if you can speak to someone? If you have found yourself saying ‘my iPhone won’t turn on,’ hopefully it will be something simple that you can do to get it working again. Maybe you just overlooked a simple solution; if so, check out for the detailed guide.